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1. "Have you always lived in Michigan?"
"No, I ________ in Florida."
2. "Did you bring your book today?"
"No, I left it __________ home."
3. "Are you ready to go?"
"Yes, I'm __________ done now."
4. "Why do you travel to Chicago so often?"
"Chicago is the city ____ my parents live."
5. "Did you like the cake?"
"Yes, it was the best I have ever _____ ."
6. "Why did John sleep so long?"
"He was ____ tired than he thought he was."
7. "Would you and Natalie like to come for dinner Friday night?"
"__________ all right if we bring the children?
8. "Why did your trip take so long?"
"We were hungry, and we stopped ___ three times."
9. "Is John a lawyer?"
"No, he's a doctor, __________ ?"
10. "Does Bernice have a good voice?"
"Yes, and she really enjoys __________ too."
1. Born and raised a Catholic in a fatherless home, James Peak, who as a child used to put religious clothing on paper dolls, never wanted to be anything but a priest.
What was James Peak's childhood ambition?
2. As if Joe's appearance weren't enough to turn the audience against him, he also gave a boring speech.
How did the audience feel about Joe?
3. Harlan told Sue that he should have done what his father asked him to do.
4. Mark seldom plays worse than he did against Jim Spur today.
How does Mark play?
5. So-called "wolf children" are children abandoned at an early age and found living in isolation. They are natural examples of complete social deprivation.
What is unusual about wolf children?
1. Write an ending for the story

I was sitting at home one night last winter. I was watching a terrible programme on TV and I was feeling bored. I was thinking of going to bed when I heard a strange noise upstairs. There was no-one else in the house so I felt a little nervous. I switched off the TV and the lights in the living room and crept to the bottom of the stairs. I sat there silently for a few minutes. It was cold and I felt scared - I shivered. Then I heard it again. It was a noise like someone crying. I was so frightened I couldn't move. I stayed there for another twenty minutes.